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Sun, Jan 28 2018 19:42:40 PST

Now available - mini packets of spice blends and herbal teas

If you are not familiar with spice blends or herbal teas from ‘Blends to Enjoy’ or you sometimes buy familiar spice products and would like to try some other blends but do not want to commit yourself to a larger packet we have good news for you. Now at ‘Blends to Enjoy’ we have mini packets for sale. Check it out in our online shop. We send Australia wide.

Mini packets
- Curry Blends for single use for 500g of meat
- Other spice and herb blends - 15g
- Herbal teas - 5g

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Sun, Jan 28 2018 01:34:42 PST

New packaging for our spice blends

Hi all. I just want let you know that we have changed the packaging for our spice blends. From now on our spice blends will be packaged in Food Storage “Brown bags” with a zipper and a clear window at the back of the packet. They are so nice and look just awesome.

We are still working on photographs for the website but all orders for spice blends will be sent out in the new packaging.

Herbal tea blends for the mean time will remain in the old matt gold packaging.

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Sun, Dec 16 2012 16:00:47 PST

Ruski Way Deli

My spice and herb blends and herbal tea blends go on sale today at Ruski Way Deli,Shop 12A Tottenham Street, Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102.

My stand will be set up this afternoon in the front of the shop. Of course, you can order my products online (see MY SHOP menu item) but if you wish to purchase them in Ruski Way Deli, you can also take a look at the great Russian & European food they have on offer. Ruski Way Deli is one of my favourite shops.

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Fri, Nov 23 2012 01:10:09 PST

Locally-driven Christmas shopping at twilight

Look for me at the Ruffled Bazaar 01 December 2012 (3-8pm). Ruffled Bazaar Lifestyle Markets aim is to inject a little decadence into your everyday. With local designers and artisans, showcasing their unique and limited edition ranges, Ruffled Bazaar Lifestyle Markets are more than just a market; it is where imagination meets creation!

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Sun, Aug 12 2012 00:04:20 PST

Special Offer - Pistachio Dukkah Half Price until 26 August 2012

Our very popular Pistachio Dukkah is on special offer for two weeks. Take advantage of the Half Price Offer while it is available.

Pistachio Dukkah is traditionally eaten by dipping crusty bread into olive oil then into the dukkah. Can also be used to crust chicken or fish and can even be sprinkled on salads, vegetables or eggs for added flavour.

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Thu, Aug 09 2012 17:59:15 PST

Spice up your weeknight meals with our Herb and Spice blends.

Are you tired of boring weeknight meals and want some change but don’t want to spend more time as you already do to prepare your evening meals? Then I have a solution for you - try to add some spices to your cooking.
It doesn’t have to be spicy hot, but instead it can transform your meals to aromatic, tasty and mouthwatering dishes. Spices will add not only distinctive flavor but can also enhan
ce your health, if used regularly.
Of course some may not know how to use spices. That is why it is very handy to use already pre-made blends of spices or herb and spices in the correct proportions.
On all packets of spice and herb blends from “Blends to Enjoy” you will find descriptions of many uses for that particular spice and herb blend, which will help you to create delicious meals.
I encourage you to try and see for yourself.
Happy cooking!

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Thu, Aug 09 2012 17:59:01 PST

$5 Gift Voucher to spend in my online shop - get yours today!

Click the [SUBSCRIBE] link to your left, complete the form to subscribe to my website/newsletter and you will receive a $5 Gift Voucher to spend in my online shop.

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Sun, Nov 27 2011 01:21:43 PST

Blends to Enjoy Contest Winner Announced

Thank you very much to those who entered the 'Name that Spice and Herb Blend' competition. The competition closed a couple of days ago. There were many great names. I have chosen a winning name. It is: 'Mediterranean Supreme' and was submitted by Jane Whelan. Jane has been contacted and the prize of $100 is already on its way.

Be sure not to miss my next competition and the announcement of new products, articles, and recipes by subscribing to my newsletter here: http://www.blendstoenjoy.com/Newsletter/MVC/subscribe.php

Take care!

Regards from
Nadia Collins

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Thu, Nov 17 2011 22:34:57 PST

Win One Hundred Dollars to Name a Spice and Herb Blend

Enter the Blends to Enjoy "Name that Spice & Herb Blend" competition to name a spice & herb blend and be in the chance to win AUD $100.

Everybody is invited to enter the competition to create a catchy name for one of my new herb and spice blend with Mediterranean influence.

The ingredients include traditional Italian herbs, spices, tomato and red capsicum flakes.

It can have many uses. To name just a few - add it to:

- soups, casseroles or stews
- homemade breads
- oil and stir through fresh cooked pasta
- meat balls or rissoles
- Bolognaise or savoury mince dishes
- your own salad dressings
- butter and spread on a bread to create exciting version of garlic bread
- or, sprinkle on homemade pizza before putting in oven.

The competition opens on 18 October 2011 and closes at 12pm AEST on 25 November 2011.

Enter the competition in the link below.

Best wishes
Nadia Collins

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