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Thu, Aug 09 2012 17:59:15

Spice up your weeknight meals with our Herb and Spice blends.

Are you tired of boring weeknight meals and want some change but don’t want to spend more time as you already do to prepare your evening meals? Then I have a solution for you - try to add some spices to your cooking.
It doesn’t have to be spicy hot, but instead it can transform your meals to aromatic, tasty and mouthwatering dishes. Spices will add not only distinctive flavor but can also enhan
ce your health, if used regularly.
Of course some may not know how to use spices. That is why it is very handy to use already pre-made blends of spices or herb and spices in the correct proportions.
On all packets of spice and herb blends from “Blends to Enjoy” you will find descriptions of many uses for that particular spice and herb blend, which will help you to create delicious meals.
I encourage you to try and see for yourself.
Happy cooking!

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