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These are some of the testimonies from those who have used and enjoyed our blends. If you like our blends and wish to give a testimony, we would appreciate if you would let us know (use the Contact Form) and we will publish your testimony on this page.

Jenny Maxwell

"I recently bought your Chicken Tikka Masala blend and then used your recipe to make the dish. It was easy, smelled amazing, and tasted divine, I`ve even been asked to make it again (at least once a week please?). Thanks for a great spice blend and easy to follow recipes, it was delish!!!"
Jenny Maxwell, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

Suzy De Jesus

"I bought the Madras Curry blend and used the recipe on on your website. The recipe was really easy to follow. I took the chance and invited my friends over for curry dinner. They are all curry `experts` and cook curries from scratch. They couldn`t believe that it was a home made curry and not from the Indian restaurant up the road. It really was the best curry I have ever made and had. Thank you for helping me have a great and successful evening entertaining."
Suzy De Jesus, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

Maria Zalavari

"Nadia, I would just like to give my praises on the Butter Chicken Spice Blend I purchased.  Oh my goodness, what can I say,  it was the most delicious Butter Chicken I have ever tasted let alone created myself, better than any restaurant I have ever eaten at.  The recipe on your website for the Butter Chicken Blend is to die for and I highly recommend that the recipe is used.  Also I found cutting the marinating time down to an hour still produced an outstanding dish if I had forgotten to prepare it earlier.
Another added addiction for my family is Dukka, absolutely delicious on fish, and the aromas are so divine.  It is a joy cooking with your spices and makes cooking and eating our meals exciting and pleasurable again for the time poor."
Maria Zalavari, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

Karlie Nimmo/Mammen

"The Chicken Tikka Masala was delicious. My husband and I both loved the flavour and texture of the sauce and the recipe was really easy to follow for an amateur cook like myself. The leftovers were beautiful the next day, everyone in the lunch room was jealous. We will definitely be cooking more with your spice blends in the future.
Your lullaby and stress-less teas have also been a hit in my house."
Karlie Nimmo/Mammen, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

"The Massaman curry was easy to prepare, fast to cook, and tasted restaurant quality. Having all the spices already mixed and ready to add ensured I could make this authentic style curry in half the time. It tasted great!"
Jake Turner, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Nerida Gillam

"I recently tried the spices for a Madras Curry through `Blends to Enjoy`. The recipe was on the website www.blendstoenjoy.com, where it ask to use Panch Phoron and Garam Masala. The recipe was easy to follow and as the meal was cooking my family were commenting on how great it was smelling. It really helped to have all of the herbs and spices mixed and ready to go. It really was the best curry I have ever had (even from the Indian restaurant near us – and it is pretty good).
I also tried the Pumpkin Spice Mix – on a packet it sad, that it good to use  when roast sweet vegetables, but I decided to cut up some pita bread, spray it with a little olive oil and sprinkle on the spices. It was fantastic – especially dipped in Tzaziki dip! I will absolutely be buying more Madras Curry and Pumpkin Spice Mix and trying more of `Blends to Enjoy` spices and recipes in the future."
Nerida Gillam, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

"My family and I, are very much curry fans so when I was told about these blends I was skeptical. I decided to try the butter chicken.  I have tried authentic butter chicken and majority of those you purchase now days don’t even come close.
Not only was astounded to find that it was easy to cook, but it looked exactly like the picture online and tasted fantastic – I am a basic cook, so when I produced this for my partner, he thought I had gone out and bought it to the point of looking in the bin for the container.
I have also tried the Korma and Vindaloo and both are fantastic.
Also a huge fan of the Herbal tea Lullaby.  As mother to 2 children, I can wake up  up to 3 times a night  but I find if I drink my tea before I go to bed, I may still wake but I find it easier to get back to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day."
Frances Tupaea, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"Your Ras El Hanout spice blend is truly the `top of the shop` - full of flavour . I cooked a chicken and vegetable casserole with the spice blend. It was just fantastic. Family licked their plates clean. Thank you very much! "
Nadia E, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Liz Fenaughty

"I have recently used your spice blends and wanted to let you know how nice they were. My whole family enjoyed the Butter Chicken, the heat was perfect for children and adults alike.
The All-Purpose Rub I used on a rolled roast beef which I cooked to rare-medium and finely sliced over a mixed leaf salad with a yoghurt dressing. It was very aromatic and tasted fantastic.
I cooked with the Ras el Hanout which when combined with chicken and vegetables was a complete meal and even better the next day re-heated.
I loved all the blends and will be getting more from you in the future as they tasted so much better than the supermarket varieties.
I also cooked the Massaman Curry. Like a true Massaman curry it had a subtle flavour and beautiful aroma.
Congratulations on getting the blend so perfect as I know this is definitely your passion."
Liz Fenaughty, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

Amanda Collins

"My husband is a bit of a flavour snob. He likes flavour in his food! We found the All-Purpose Rub to be very versatile and easy to use. We rubbed it on lamb, chicken and pork, and it made our boring old dinners into ones with lovely flavour. We also tried Lamb Korma and really enjoyed it. The medium heat had just the right amount of bite to it and was easy to use. I`m not a very good cook but it turned out really well! We will definitely use these blends again."
Amanda Collins, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website

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